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In 1995, IMC was formed and quickly became a name synonymous with high speed metalizing.  IMC did not invent arc thermal spray, we perfected it.

For over a century, the long term benefits of metalizing have been known and proven, but little used for large scale applications. Previously the process was a high cost and low speed application not viable for large projects.

Knowing the success rate and possibilities of large scale use, Carl (Skip) Tudor designed and patented a machine designed for field use which is much faster with more adhesion than previously possible.  IMC metalized coatings have virtually no porosity, and complete interface at the substrate surface. His "Red Devil", has since proven to be the very best on the market, and the application is only available through the experienced and trained hands of IMC. Having been involved in the shipping industry and corrosion control for most of his life, he understood the needs of the industry.  Due to the pitfalls from improper implementations of other products, Captain Tudor was inspired and formed IMC. Under the leadership of Captain Tudor, IMC then built the equipment, trained and certified all applicators, instituted new quality control procedures, and emphasized the importance of surface preparation and safety.

With decades of metalizing experience and hundreds of large scale projects and applications, IMC has brought the process into the 21st century and can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on life cycle maintenance costs. No company is more qualified or experienced with difficult and complicated applications. 
Others have tried to copy our equipment, but none are as fast, reliable, cost effective, or have the ablilty to handle the scale IMC has achieved.

IMC has been a global leader, with successful applications throughout the world in a variety of industries.

Unlike others, we specialize in one thing, highspeed twin arc metalizing.

Unique to us are our patented “Red Devil” metalizing machines, manufactured in house to exacting specifications for quality, durability, and speed of application.

The “Red Devil” is the only metalizing equipment with the “American Bureau of Shipping” certification for applications with speeds equaling and exceeding airless paint systems. Our process was developed for application under very severe conditions for large scale projects in the field.  Metalizing is used to protect naval and commercial ships, bridges, steel structures, chemical tanks, pipelines, boiler tubes, concrete structures, piers, offshore rigs, stacks, and a variety of other assets. As industry leaders, IMC utilizes only certified wire such as zinc, aluminum, inconel, monel, and hasteloy. IMC also has the ability to spray any other metals that can be drawn into wire form. 

Our extensive client list includes, NASA, Florida DOT, ConEd, Exxon, Disney, NJ DOT, NY transit, Panama canal, Chevron, US Navy as well as hundreds more in the US and internationally. Our vast experience and knowledge will help you avoid potentially costly mistakes, and bring your project in on time within budget.
"Why haven't we heard about this?"
This is the most commonly asked question. It’s simple, until our patented “Red Devil” equipment was developed, metalizing for large field projects, even though effective, was too slow and costly to be economically viable. IMC’s patented process has changed all that. Unlike others, we produce a coating with no porosity, less surface roughness, better adhesion, and faster speed of application than previously possible.

Substantial benefits include

Durability: This process actually bonds the
metal to provide a service life decades
longer than paint.
Eco friendly: Contains no volatile organic
compounds. The process uses only
compressed air and electricity.
Fast application: Metalized coatings cool
in seconds unlike paint which takes days
to cure .
Cost: With a service life of well more than
50 years, metalizing significantly reduces
the need to continually sandblast and paint.

Studies from various sources including NASA and the Federal Highway Administration conclude that when life cycle costs are considered, our process is a very inexpensive, safe, long term solution.

IMC’s metalizing process has been tested and proven effective by:

  • The United States Navy
  • The United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • The Federal Highway Administration
  • American Water Works
  • The American Bureau of Shipping
  • Major Corporations

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