Coating Materials

Spray Coating Materials Chart

Type Coating General Qualities Suggested Applications
Aluminum Highly resistant to heat, hot water and corrosive gases. Excellent heat distribution and reflection. Hot water storage tanks; vegetable oil tanks; exhaust manifolds, railway tank cars; airplane cylinder fins; sun deflection on glass; boat hulls and marine applications; capacitor cases; non-metallic surfaces; electrical circuit boards; motor bell housing; heat exchanger tubes; irrigation equipment, pattern build up; piston heads and valve seats; refinery equipment shielding and grounding on plastic radio parts; refrigerator coils and components; smoke stacks; sheet metal repair; industrial handling equipment; covering tubing welds; external diesel cylinder liners, heat distribution on cookware; towers; paint base.
Babbit Excellent bearing wearability. Large bearings (can be sprayed without molds), refrigeration pistons.
Brass Machines well, takes a good finish. Reclaiming defective or work brass casting; decorative ware and artwork; brass repair work.
Bronze Excellent wear resistance; exceptional machineability; denase coatings (especially Al, Bronze). Water wheel runners; pump casting; and impellers; bushings; valve plugs; molds motor block bearings; shafts; decorative coatings.
Copper High heat and electrical conductivity. Carbon brushes (for better electrical contact); electrical circuits, shielding plastic radio parts; solder connections; sprayed on glass for solder seals.
Iron Excellent machining qualities. Repairing castings.
Lead Good corrosion protection fast deposits and dense coatings. X-ray shields and x-ray tube housings; protecting fan blades acid fimes balancing.


Self-bonding for steel surface preparation. Piston rings, crankshafts, pressfit applications; mixing machine blades; mandrels; ring hubs; packing glad areas; plug gauges; rear axle seals; spindles; transmission shafting and seals;
aluminum castings; hard surfacing aluminum and other materials.
Monel Excellent machining qualities; highly resisttant to corrosion. Repairing castings.
Nickel Good machine finishing; excellent corrosion protection. Machine elements subject to corrosion but not requiring high wearability. (Excellent for repairing defective castings hen used with Mogul Dot-Weld Equipment).
Nickel-Chrome High temperature applications. Undercoating for ceramic deposits improves bond. Spraying heating elements.
Steel Hard finishes, good machineability. Clutch plates; shaft build-up bell housing or bearing press fits; plug type valves; sprayed on aluminum parts for better wearing qualities (available in various hardnesses).
Chrome Steel (Tufton) Bright, hard finish, highly resistant to wear. For hard wearing surfaces; packing glands, pump rods; crankshafts.
Stainless Excellent corrosion protection and superior wearability. Clutch plates, shafting build-up; crankshafts; electrical motors and generator bell housings and shafts; inking roll buildup; centrifugal and rotary pumps; roller bearings; pump couplings
keyways; impellers; ring hubs; gear box parts and all surfaces; packing glands; rear axle seals; transmission bearing housing; plug type valves; Teflon undercoating. (Available in various
Tin High purity for food applications Protection of dairy and food product equipment.
Zinc Superior corrosion resistance and bonding qualities. Storage tanks; bridges, towers, laundry extractor baskets; conveyor equipment, mine cars, refrigeration equipment, building up pistons skirts; boat hulls and marine applications; capacitor cases; electrical circuits; motor bell hosing; irrigation equipment; covering tubing welds; oil well derricks; pattern buildups; pipe seal rings; covering plaster and wood refinery equipment; wind tunnels; conduit fittings; packing house, repair of welded, galvanized atmospheric corrosion resistance.


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